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  • Qendra "Dite e re", Rruga "Selenice", Lagjia 5 Bathore - Tirana, Albania
  • Support (+355) 67 60 89 926

Global Care Albania is a Christian NGO working to protect and improve the lives of neglected children and abused women in Albania. For more than two decades, we have been driving changes at the community level while engaging in public advocacy.

We operate the “New Day” Community Center in a densely populated and socially deprived area of the capital Tirana, and our work focuses on addressing the critical physical, emotional, spiritual and mental conditions of abused women and neglected kids.


We started our service to the community of Bathore in the outskirts of Albania’s capital Tirana in 1999, when the area was faced with a massive demographic boom. As poor families from the rural north of the country migrated closer to the capital city in search for better opportunities, Bathore quickly turned into a messy informal urban area without any basic infrastructural conditions. The newly settled community reflected a socially deprived layer of the society where jobless parents with numerous children created a breeding ground for criminal activities and abuse. It is against this socially deprived background that the dedicated team of Global Care Albania serves over 50,000 inhabitants by focusing our work on education, development and healthcare, firm in our belief that poverty, abuse and a lack of education are strongly inter-connected.

years of service to the community of bathore in the outskirts of tirana
Our Work



We are passionate and unapologetic advocates for the welfare of neglected kids and abused women. Our “Ditë e Re” Community Center (New Day) is a place to learn, interact and grow in a safe environment. We provide meaningful guidance and help children and teenagers start their life journey off on the right path, away from violence, abuse and neglect. Our goal is to prepare the kids by building their academic skills while supporting disabled kids through mental, speech and physical therapy. Our dedicated programs address unique needs of each child in our centre, providing a healthy start in their life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. For 23 years, our team has been working hard to transform the future of children, their families and an entire community in Bathore, Kamez.


There are several ways to help our work in Albania. By helping the work of Global Care Albania, you are helping save the lives of children.


We believe every child deserves a future and we hope you believe it too. We welcome volunteers who would feel the calling to be part of our projects and help our mission in Bathore.


You can ‘adopt a project’ to ensure its successful execution and completion. This is a great way to help the community if you cannot physically be present at the Center.


For over two decades, Global Care Albania has been humbly serving the deprived children of the Bathore community - and that's still what we do today! This work is only made possible by the ongoing generosity of our donors, whose support today is needed more than ever.


LATEST Global Care Albania September 23 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter

As the sun-kissed days of summer gently fade into memory, Global Care Albania is excited to bring you the highlights from our latest newsletter, where we delve into the heartwarming stories and transformative initiatives that have kept us busy during the season. From our wonderful Summer Camps, to exploring the child development and to the new website, in here you will be able to read about how we have been busy over the summer and how we are moving forward in the Autumn.


GCA Summer Camps Shine Bright in 2023: A Season of Fun and Growth

Bathore witnessed a summer to remember as Global Care Albania (GCA) wrapped up its summer camps, leaving behind memories of laughter, growth, and newfound friendships. Over the course of five exciting weeks, 160 children from the community came together to take part in a whirlwind of activities.


Harmony in Action: Exeter Brothers Bring Music to Global Care Albania Kids

In a heartwarming encounter of generosity and music, the kids at Global Care Albania (GCA) received a special gift from across the seas. Dave and John Sumner, brothers from Exeter, England, who run the renowned Christian charity, Guitar Aid, paid a visit to GCA in Albania. Guitar Aid, with its mission to support churches and missions worldwide by donating musical instruments, has been making harmonious waves since 1990.

Our Partners


For over two decades, Global Care Albania has been humbly serving the deprived children and abused women of the Bathore community near Albania’s capital Tirana - and that's still what we do today! This work is only made possible by the ongoing generosity of our donors, whose support today is needed more than ever. We are very thankful for the following partners who believe in our mission:

Business Growth

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