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  • Qendra "Dite e re", Rruga "Selenice", Lagjia 5 Bathore - Tirana, Albania
  • Support (+355) 67 60 89 926

What We Do



Supports 3-6 year old children from vulnerable families in the Kamza area. They have a hard upbringing against a background of poverty, backward mentality, social barriers and domestic violence. We focus on a value-based growth in order to keep them out of trouble and away from any criminal activities in the streets of Bathore. We focus on helping them to build a good character and personality. As most of them lack the basic food and clothes we’re happy that the daycare is like a comfortable home for them in which they’re loved and cared in all ways. We emphasize education as a strong foundation for a child to grow well in any life area. We are inspired that as we work with this generation today we’re serving the community for tomorrow. an entire community in Bathore, Kamez.


School Club

There are 50 children age group 7 to 14 year’s old part of this project. Learning disabilities, dyslexia, other attention disorders and hyperactivity are common problems in this group. However, we love to see potential rather than the problem in every child. Through practical learning methods, games and social activities we see them developing day by day. The purpose of this work us to help children find themselves, use their strength and healthy mind to manage better the situations around them and become a better individuals for tomorrow. Often these children come from problematic families, where parents are in street situation or part of vandal groups.


Therapeutic services

Physiotherapy, speech therapy and early intervention are offered in our community center for children with mental and physical disabilities. A special attention is given to home programs and mothers training in the field of disability. Currently are 65 children part of this project.


Youth Program

There are 20 teenagers part of the project. Through activities, group meetings and discussions we aim to develop critical thinking and lead teenager to a life of faith and purpose. They meet every week and spend time together by sharing their life’s thoughts, troubles and ideas. Getting together in this group it is very important for the inner motivation, strength and security that the mentors of GCA center offers to them.


Women empowering/Mentoring

The vision of this project is to see women to know their strength and values and to know that they are a great foundation in the families and in the community. Through relationships, home visits, mentoring, trainings, meetings and direct work opportunities we are trying to raise women’s potentials and strengthen their role in and outside the house. Summer camps- summer camps are organized every year and there are around 120 children involved per week. It’s a way how children of the community can spend their summer in a qualitative way. There are activities aiming children’s entertainment, education and socializing.


Roma and Egyptian community (Educational Classes)

This community lives in a slum area called ‘River Shore’. As we got to know with the needs of these community and we were touched by the way children lived and spend their days. Most of the families live like there’s no future. Collecting cans, rubbish or other materials is their only profitable activity. Children are born and raised with the same mentality; collecting cans is their future, education isn’t appreciated, young age marriages are present in every family. Child abandonment, no registration of the just born babies, broken families are other issues that affect their lifestyles and especially the life of children. We have been applying programs aiming education and trying to build another life perspective for the children, in order for them to see better life options and education as a primer choice. Another area is strengthening the role model of the family. Mentality and life style changing is a hard work and a real challenge. Our aim is seeing the results of our current objectives in the next generation.